Tuesday, February 14, 2012

PLANTS AND TREES: environmental pollution

Air Pollution

trees killed by acid rain

  • Acid rain can kill trees, destroy the leaves of plants, can infiltrate soil by making it unsuitable for purposes of nutrition and habitation.
  • Ozone holes in the upper atmosphere can allow excessive ultraviolet radiation from the sun to enter the Earth causing damage to trees and plants.
  • Ozone in the lower atmosphere can prevent plant respiration by blocking stomata (openings in leaves) and negatively affecting plants’ photosynthesis rates which will stunt plant growth. Ozone can also decay plant cells directly by entering stomata. 

 Water Pollution

  • May disrupt photosynthesis in aquatic plants and thus affecting ecosystems that depend on these plants.
  • Aquatic plants may absorb pollutants from water (as their main nutrient source) and pass them up the food chain to consumer animals and humans.
  • Plants may be killed by mud from construction sites as well as bits of wood and leaves, clay and other similar materials.  
  • Plants may be killed by herbicides in water; herbicides are chemicals which are most harmful to plants.
Soil Pollution
  • May change plant metabolism and reduce crop yields
  • Trees and plants may absorb soil contaminants and pass them up the food chain  
contaminants soil

In some cases, no plants will grow in contaminated soil

Good environment is my priority
Jufa zyha

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